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By providing people with an around the clock sense of security, Honeywell Life Care Solutions’ Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) increases the user’s peace of mind, regardless of whether they are in their home or out and about.

At the same time, Honeywell Life Care Solutions can offer care providers a more comprehensive picture of a patient, such as the ability to view all LifeStream MobileHelp call details, including 911 calls, within LifeStream, thereby improving the lives of users and assisting their care givers. Combined with LifeStream, it provides the industry’s first integration of telecare and telehealth data, simplifying care coordination and workflows for the care provider.

Most importantly, the integrated cellular and global positioning system (GPS) location services enable a more active lifestyle by allowing care providers to locate users wherever they request assistance.  Users can break the tethers of a traditional landline solution because improved oversight gives users the confidence to leave their homes and be as mobile as they want or need to be.

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    Simplify Care Delivery

    • One-touch operation provides fast, easy connection to emergency response associates who can deploy medical support or a user-designated first responder, as required.
    • Two-way communication with user devices enables them to talk to the operator regardless of whether they are able to hold down the panic button.
    • Improve care plan oversight by providing an earlier, simplified view of user events and other changes to their health status via the LifeStream Management Suite.

    Provide a Differentiated Offering

    • Innovative, advanced technology – Integrated cellular/GPS technology promotes user safety by providing visibility to user location on a map.
    • Care Provider Portal simplifies user setup and provides access to cellular/GPS location services capable of locating a user within several feet.
    • Create additional revenue streams over users’ tenure by offering ancillary services and leveraging mobility to reach a more active population.

    Improve quality of care

    • LifeStream MobileHelp Solution can be used regardless of the communications technology available in the home.
    • Simple, accurate, reliable method using best available technology to locate your user and send assistance as needed.
    • Promote mobility by allowing users to take their emergency monitoring service wherever they go.
    • Enhanced Security – From doctor’s visits to getting the mail, or taking a walk – users can securely leave the confines of their homes, while homebound users at risk of falls can move with confidence in their homes.

    Improve care coordination

    • Improve user oversight – Integration with LifeStream provides visibility to a wider range of user activities to improve care.
    • Increase user loyalty – Create relationships earlier in the care continuum to extend the time users can be proactively monitored thereby building loyalty with care manager/agency.
    • Increase satisfaction and retention to reduce the need for new referrals by creating relationships with users prior to an acute event.
  • LifeStream MobileHelp Solo System

    • A complete cellular/GPS-based medical alert system that works in the home without a landline phone.
    • Provides mobile coverage wherever you go.
    • System comes with: cradle charger, neck pendant, mobile device and a leather carrying case.

    LifeStream MobileHelp DUO System

    • A reliable combination of mobility, for increased sense of security.
    • With capabilities to use with a landline telephone base station and/or cellular/mobile unit.
    • System comes with: base station, mobile device, leather pouch and neck pendant.

    LifeStream MobileHelp DUO Basic System

    • Includes landline telephone base station only, operating as a traditional (non-mobile) personal emergency response system (PERS) unit.

    System Requirements

    • Land line phone required for home base station use.
    • LifeStream MobileHelp monthly service agreement, which included cellular coverage for mobile devices.
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  • LifeStream MobileHelp leverages the power of the LifeStream Management Suite, providing access to telecare and telehealth data on a single, consolidated dashboard.

    LifeStream MobileHelp is available in 3 configurations to best meet people’s lifestyle needs:

    • LifeStream MobileHelp Solo System (Cellular-GPS only)
    • LifeStream MobileHelp Duo System (Cellular-GPS and Integrated Landline)
    • LifeStream MobileHelp Duo Basic System (Landline only)
    • Wall Charger (for use with mobile unit)
    • Car Charger (for use with mobile unit)
    • Key Lock Box
    • Neck Pendant (White)
    • Wrist Button (Black or White)
    • Cradle Chargers
    • Leather Pouch
    • Replacement Base Station
    • Replacement Mobile Unit
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