Health Monitoring Kiosk

Regardless of current health status, eHealth monitoring can help people better manage and maintain their health. The Honeywell Life Care Solutions Health Monitoring Kiosk prompts the collection of biometrics that are trended for ongoing review by care providers. In addition to vital sign trending, responses to disease specific questions can also be reviewed and used to provide feedback regarding their health information.

The Health Monitoring Kiosk enables many people to use the same monitoring station with a unique “swipe” card. With the monitoring station, health risks are identified early in order to prevent them from escalating into something more serious.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Integrated LifeStream Solution
  • Monitoring Peripherals
  • Photo of Health Monitoring Kiosk
    • A friendly voice with easy-to-read display guides user through monitoring process
    • Touch screen technology provides information on common health-related topics and chronic disease conditions
    • Collects patient biometrics including: weight, blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation
    • Blood pressure cuff is latex free and is easily positioned with one hand; available in four sizes with removable bladder for cleaning
    • An easy-to-use non-invasive finger sensor measures blood oxygen levels
    • When needed, temperature can be taken in seconds with a digital thermometer
    • Medical peripheral devices can be added to meet individual user needs
  • Health monitor conforms to the American’s with Disability Act (ADA) requirements

    Prompts currently available in US English, UK English, Portuguese, Italian, German, French Canadian, French, Hindi, Spanish, Russian, Armenian, Polish

    Customizable signage

    Quiet operating casters; lockable wheel rotation

  • The Health Monitoring Kiosk works interoperably with the LifeStream Management Suite, and all connected monitoring peripherals

  • Blood pressure, blood oxygen, weight and glucose can be monitored

    Use with card reader