Genesis Touch

There’s a simple, effective way to improve the relationship between a remotely located patient and care provider.

Genesis Touch is a remote patient monitoring device that significantly steps up the level and quality of care by increasing the flexibility and ease of use. It collects biometrics and transmits them to Honeywell’s LifeStream Management Suite. And with its simplified connectivity options, flexible operations and intuitive user interface, the Genesis Touch is a more convenient and comfortable way for patients to stay connected to their caregivers.

Learn more about the new Genesis Touch v3.2: Download an overview.

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    Improve Patient Interaction with Integrated Video Visits

    • Fuze Video Visits – Improve patient oversight with face-to-face contact while lowering the cost of interaction with hard-to-reach patients.
    • Simple, One-Touch Video Functionality – Patients may join a video visit in a single step, making video visits accessible for a variety of people.
    • Multi-User Collaboration – Increase visibility to a patient’s health status, improving caregiver and physician involvement by enabling multiple video participants to be invited to join and be seen simultaneously.
    • Improve Educational Effectiveness – Offer an interactive environment during the meeting to share data and notes. Optional call recording and playback may increase educational retention.
    • Optional Video-Over-Cellular 2GB Data Plan – Allows video visits and conferencing via the 4G radio for improved call quality, stability and ease of use.
    • Cost-effective (optional) licensing structure – Simplify video license management for care providers with a single license. Enterprise accounts facilitate broad video adoption in corporate environments where advanced conferencing options may be utilized.

    Emphasis on Education

    • Replay programmed questions on demand, not only during scheduled monitoring time.
    • increase patient engagement with self-guided questions and answers addressing topics like diet, diabetes, cardiac care, medications & more.

    Enhanced Ease of Use

    • Improve compliance and adoption with simple, intuitive user interface.
    • Reduced set-up/installation times with no physical wiring in residence (Bluetooth peripherals and wireless networking).
    • New push-button Bluetooth pairing does not require manual pin entry.
    • Full compatibility with Honeywell HomeMed clinical libraries
    • Flexible patient configurations allow care providers to schedule how and when patient biometrics are collected (patient reported or scheduled).
    • Simple communications options provide fully integrated Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity with support for 3G/4G and Wi-Fi options.

    Platform for Innovation

    • Enhanced mobility promotes an active patient lifestyle and improves patient compliance and adoption by allowing the device to be used where the patient is – whether in bed, near the coffee table, or out and about.
    • Leverages the Android OS to enable Honeywell HomMed continue to craft solutions and services that address the full care continuum – from disease management to health & wellness coaching.
    • Care providers may customize their patient experience with multiple languages to support a variety of patient populations, including full Spanish-language support and documentation.
    • Self-guided education may be added to the patient library to encourage patient engagement.
    • Support for a growing variety of wireless Bluetooth monitoring peripherals continues to meet the needs of more patients.
  • The Genesis Touch® leverages a Samsung Galaxy Tab® E platform, powered by Android™ 6.0.1, 4G cellular LTE™ and Wi-Fi.

    Genesis Touch Overview
  • The Genesis Touch is interoperable with LifeStream Management Suite; a growing variety of Bluetooth monitoring peripherals listed on the monitoring peripherals tab; and the Fuze online meeting application.

    Fuze Video Visits: The Fuze video application features one-touch integration with the Genesis Touch to enable patients to join pre-configured video visits in one simple step. This reliable video application improves oversight and increases visibility to patient health by improving caregiver and physician interaction. Video visits may be utilized as:

    • An adjunct to an in-home visit
    • Educational opportunities
    • A way to engage in a professional case conference
    • Inclusion tool for family and other caregivers not in the home
    • A tool to update care plans during a video visit, meeting patient needs efficiently
    Flexible data plans:Video functionality may be used with an available Wi-Fi connection, or with a 2GB data plan to take advantage of integrated 4G cellular radio performance. These low-cost solutions enable care providers to optimize their video needs and accommodate a variety of patient environments which may not be optimized for wireless communication.*Overage fees apply if the 2GB plan is exceeded. Contact your territory manager for additional plan details. 


  • Take advantage of a wide range of supported peripheral devices to address the needs of patients with a variety of risk factors and specialized monitoring requirements. For example, our new Accuro scale addresses the needs of bariatric monitoring, while support for more sp02 devices allows for accurate readings based on unique patient needs.

    The following Bluetooth peripheral medical devices are available for use with the Genesis Touch System. For more, visit our complete listing of peripherals.

    Photo of Honeywell HomMed Scale or A&D Precision Health Scale

    Honeywell HomMed Scale or A&D Precision Health Scale

    Photo of Contec CMS50E Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    Contec CMS50E Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    Photo of A&D Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

    A&D Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Fuze – Improve patient oversight and interaction with face-to-face contact. Real-time interaction enables care providers to assess patient health and well being with the fully integrated Fuze application. Capable of managing over 100 participants on a single call with up to 12 simultaneous video feeds on one tablet screen, Fuze offers an easy, affordable way to increase patient interaction and education, while improving the ability to include caregivers, family and physicians in the care continuum.

    Contact Fuze for plan details and to place an order go to:
    Or contact John Kleinhenz at 1-888-679-4759.

    Fuze FREE

    • Unlimited toll-free audio (US) for your initial 60 days
    • 25 Participants
    • 12 HD Video Feeds
    • Unlimited Internet Calling (VoIP)
    • Screen & Content Sharing
    • 1 GB of Cloud Storage
    • Must purchase PRO after 60 days to maintain feature set

    Fuze PRO

    • Unlimited FREE Toll-audio (US)
    • Meeting and Webinars for up to 125 Participants
    • Optional $40 Audio Credit
      • Toll Free Number
      • International Access Numbers
      • Call Me Dialing




    • Custom Audio Packages
    • High Capacity Meetings
    • Corporate Directory Integration
    • Management and Analytics Console
    • Custom Branding
    • Optional Fuze Telepresence Connect (interoperability with Cisco, Tanberg, Polycom, Lifesize, and others
    • Can run same license concurrently with multiple users

    $20/Month (billed annually)

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